Sunday, April 15, 2012

When I Get Big... I'm Going to Be a Paleontologist!

So, I've started writing these books for young children.  "When I Get Big..."   I want it to turn into a college and career readiness series for our future leaders... just something to peek their interest in different careers. There's not really anything out there like that right now and I would LOVE to have these books for my sons, niece, nephew.. anyone really. I've just finished a new book on paleontology and thought I'd share some of the super cute photos of two little paleontologists. Thanks to my nephew Biscuit AKA Caleb for being such a great model. And of course, thanks to my other little paleontologist Elijah.

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  1. These photos made me cry. Thank you for capturing two of sweet boys and their precious curiosity. Love, Mom