Friday, March 9, 2012

The (some-what) Happy No.

Any one who has gone through the journey of trying to become a legacy (traditionally) published author has faced rejection, rejection, rejection.  Most of the time those rejections come as a non response.  You're left wondering did they read it?

Or a form reply... Decline, decline, decline, decline because your writing is not as good as theirs or hers or his or mine.

But sometimes, rarely, only twice for me you get a personalized rejection.  It's still a no.  Still a I'm sorry, we'll have to pass.  However, it has personalized feedback.  You get to have the mini-celebration that someone valued your idea enough to at least read your work.  I just received one of those "(some-what) happy no" letters last Friday.  Here's what it said:

Ms. Bemiss:

Thank you so very much for your query.  Unfortunately, Back Then is not quite right for us, so I am going to pass.  I understand your impetus for penning this story -- so much to pass on to our children.  Yet, in this very tough picture book market, I am afraid I feel Back Then would get lost.  Although a few things made me pause, mostly I worry that there is very little room for the illustrator to work his or her magic and interpret the story visually.  Given how subjective this business is, I am sure there are others who will feel differently.  Best of luck as you continue to make those connections.

Wishing you much success on your journey,

I am so thankful for this feedback.  Hopefully this is just one more rejection on my way to acceptance.

I do have a somewhat exciting update on my Hockey story... The Nashville Predators are considering selling this story next year through their foundation.  So, it's still not a yes... but not a no.  I would donate the sales to their foundation and the Monroe Carell Jr. Hospital.  Keeping fingers crossed.

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