Friday, March 2, 2012

TWO days of TORNADOES in one week is TOO much for me.

First off, we are so so thankful our family is safe. Prayers to all suffering loss.

When the local college closes and national storm chasers show up in my area... I decide it's fine to pick my little super hero up early from school. (Thankfully his school district was supportive.)

But... When your picked up early by two elementary teachers (Mommy & Mamaw) the learning doesn't stop just because you leave school!  No, we made Cat-in-the-Hat Hat's and practiced reading Dr. Seuss books.  Caleb even made number bookmarks for everyone.  How perfect that today was Dr. Seuss's Birthday. This helped the children (and adult's) minds off of the 9/10 storm con index the national weather channel had put us under.

Jonah had to cut PT a little short today due to an ear infection and feeling a little yucky.  So, he practiced driving in the floor during the Dr. Seuss birthday party.  

Later as the COWS sirens went off the party moved down to the basement. 

Yes, they are wearing hockey helmets... This was what made it fun for them! You do what every you can to make it fun, keep them from being too scared but also stay safe.  That's also a bag-o-fun in the basement party packed with books, ipads, toys, water, yummy snacks. 

Joe slept through most of it.  Daddy played games on his phone.  

Paw paw monitored the weather. My how technology impacts everything now!

I really don't care for this weather... Here's to a safe spring.

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