Monday, March 30, 2015

And so it begins...

One person in this picture decided to get up for the day at 3:30. The other two people were forced to stay awake by being climbed on, alternatively hit and loved on, and sang to. For four hours we tried to get him to rest to no avail. We've given up and come down to breakfast. Oh, I love these two.

We got an email this morning asking us to come in early to get Jonah's cast made. Since we were all up (see above paragraph) we decided to head out early. We drove around the highlands. If we ever move to AL (and have millions of dollars), this is for sure where we will live. Seriously though, we may never live here but one of my book characters will. I've already got a few ideas. 

Of course we stopped in O'Henry's for a cup of coffee, because how could we not?

We can't take pics during therapy or the cast making because it's against the hospital rules but Jonah worked so, so hard. He now has a red and an orange cast that seem to fit him pretty well. (It takes a few days to really break them in.) He was so tired he actually fell asleep when she was making the Orange cast. 

At therapy he got to swing, stretch, do an eval, play pegs, a matching game, eat snacks, and choose stickers. Mrs. J is simply amazing with our family and him. We feel so blessed to have her work with jonah. I've already learned a better way to stretch Joe's wrist for supination. That's why we are here... To learn how to better help our boy. Jonah is talking much more now than he was the last time we were here. He did just fine with the cast at OT but the second we got to the car he said "mommy, mommy, take it off, please, mommy." I almost took it off. But I know that's not what he needs yet. I reassured him we would take it off but just not yet. Every since then he has handled it really well. This pic was taken just a couple of minutes later. I think he was just seeing if I would give in. You can see we were still in the hospital parking lot when I snapped this pic. 

 He's attempted new things. He even opened the hotel door with righty tonight.  He also asked for help when he needs it which is something we didn't see last time. Daniel and I are very proud of him. This therapy isn't easy, even for adults. Our little guy is a hero. 

Note to Jah, we talk about you all the time! We miss you terribly and count down the days until we will see you!! We are so proud to hear of the cars you built and how hard you've been practicing for your talent show. We love you!! 

*Blogging from my phone, please forgive the typos! 


  1. Hmmm my comment didn't post LOL

    Sounds like an awesome day-- well except for the part about waking up super early! Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures! :)

  2. Thank you for telling the story of your day. I feel like I am reliving it each time I read. Love to see him eating with his right hand and I love to hear more about how he is asking for help. Sending love to you and Daniel; it is tough to watch your sweet boy work so hard. Yes, your sweet big boy is working hard also. He is very loving too.

  3. I forgot to say something... he looks so big in his booster seat asleep. He reminds me of his brother sleeping in the car. Love to you, hope you can all sleep tonight.

  4. Thank You for sharing!! I know the therapy is rough on him but I am sure they are amazed by his determination. I talked to your mom last night and the way he was captured looking out hotel room looked just like you Allison at that age!! Jonah is so very lucky to have You and Daniel as parents!! Love You Scott