Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Three more days til Friday...

Today has been busy. We did a lot of Jonah's homework this morning because he was pretty tired last night. 

Mrs. J told us about a pretty good breakfast joint and we even did a little homework after we ate.

These pics show how hard he works just to eat a meal and how well he is doing.  But honestly,  sometimes the best place to check for improvement is the floor. 

This is progress. This is something I'm proud of him for. This photo was taken after breakfast and as you can see most of the food made it into his belly!! It's a habit I started after our first trip to New Jersey. What started as clean up turned into an assessment of progress. 

(Yes, Daniel and I almost have the exact same shoes. No, it wasn't on purpose we are just getting old and forget what the other has.) 

Then we went downtown to the art museum. The BART has a fabulous childrens area. We relaxed, read books, ate, made guitars, and took silly photos. 

We also did a little pronation supination practice with the magnet wand. 

Take a look at my big boy drinking with righty at the art museum.

At therapy today they decided to make a night splint to give Jonah an extra stretch  to help him with supination. I both love and hate this. I love that he has such great therapists and they are so talented they can just on the spot make what he needs. But it's like everything else, I hate that he needs it. 

He worked hard at therapy and we took both him and Cookie Monster for a treat at Edgar's bakery. For dinner we rushed and ate quickly at another Mrs. J suggestion. It was in an old Dr. Pepper bottling plant. Have you noticed a pattern on these trips? We eat, therapy, treat, homework, eat, homework, sleep and repeat. 

Anyway, this is the reason rushed home!! 

Our big boy had a talent show and I wanted to be back in the hotel in time to see all of the pics and videos we'd be getting. I am so proud of you and your friends, Elijah. Mommy, daddy and Jonah watched your video and all of your pics 100 times. Mommy even cried! I know showing off your science kid skills in front of a live audience is hard but you did it!! You are gonna move mountains, Jah. "Ya did good, kid." Love you bunches!! 


  1. OK, your post made me cry. Love to you and yes only three more days until fun, fun, fun. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I had to go back to look at that floor. It is only day two and the floor is that clean. He has made amazing progress. Thank you for showing us.