Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Music to my ears.

Tomorrow we get to see Jah and Mamaw, Papaw, Caroline, and Caleb! That sentence is music to my ears. 

You know what else is music to my ears?
Music, harp music, that is.

Mrs. J. Invited us in for a special music therapy session where Jonah got to meet a harpist, listen to music while doing fine motor tasks, swing with new friends and actually play the harp! We will post a video to Facebook.

We had time to kill, so we went to a bookstore to do a little homework. Puzzles and putty pulls. 

We are all pretty tired today. So what do you do when you are exhausted and waiting for a second round of therapy to begin? Apparently, we take selfies. 

Whatever it takes to smile folks, whatever it takes. :) 

Jonah was very, very tired in therapy which is to be expected by the Third day. He hit this large yellow ball 30 times that was pretty heavy and hanging from the ceiling. The last time we were here he could only do it 6-7 times. By the 30th time he did well but he was tired. So we had another snack and a rest. Jonah enjoyed pouring water for all of us and playing a fishing game. He caught a fish without any help using righty. 

CIMT is tiring on us, I can't imagine how he feels. But he handles it all so well.  We took the cast off at the end of therapy and will now work on bilateral skills. 

Well, we are headed back to the room for some r&r! :) 

Sending love to you all!!

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  1. We are looking forward to seeing all three of you tonight. We love to see the pics of his progress. He is making great progress. I know it is tough on you and Daniel. Love you, Mom