Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Poor you,

I used to think
poor you,
poor you - to live a life
with no
me and
no mine.

today it hit me.
It is not really
poor you
with no
me and
no mine.

I see now
that was never
your path.
Your feet were always
fated for another journey.

now it’s clear to
that it was never
poor you,
poor you without me and mine.
As it was always your journey, too, 
all of this time.


  1. I know that there are always many interpretations to writing, like you would tell me....it's the reader's connections or schema. But, if I were in an English class I would have to say that I see forgiveness in this poem. I wish I were there because I still think "poor you" for not knowing "mine".

    Thanks for making me think this morning and see another point of view.

    1. It look me a long time to be ready to write this poem. Or I guess I should say somewhat ready.

      I'm not sure yet if its about forgiveness or just acceptance. For me it hangs somewhere in the balance of the two.

      Thanks for the comments. Poetry's all about making me people think; so, I'm happy you found it thought provoking.