Saturday, June 29, 2013

I'm not gonna lie...

When we first pulled off the turnpike and onto our street Daniel and I had a little bit of a panic. We were in what might be considered an up-and-coming area... With our building being the only completed example of up and coming. But, our building is very nice. As you can see from the pictures below, we are not roughing it.  It's very nice and feels safe. 

(You can always tell Elijah is happy when he strikes that pose. Joe didn't have time for pics he was eating breakfast. Daniel is showing my favorite thing in this apartment. The lobby always had fresh coffee... Always!!) 

We are also close to a train station that will (someday) take us right to NYC. I'm sorta itching to go but Daniel and the boys need a break from our Bemiss Family days if fun... So, it looks like it might be next week before that train takes us to the city. Which is just as well because if I don't work on the final read through of Rise and Shine this weekend it will not be ready in time. 
Love & Miss you all!  Don't forget to email us too so we know what's going on with you back home. :)


  1. Love the photos and the stories... please keep sharing. I saw Terri at the farmers market. She told me to tell you she was really enjoying the story.