Monday, June 24, 2013

We are headed north.

Well, we are headed north. It's our long drive day. Praying for safe travels and happy passengers. Here are a few snapshots from the road.

Choppy's on her way to Grammy & Poppy's. 

She was smiling... She loves her vacations. 

Goodbye kisses. 

We are packed full!  

Joe was not a fan of the movie Elijah put in and has counted to 3 (about 100 times) and done every animal sound he knows.  Elijah on the other hand is sucked into his super friends DVD.

Curled up in my new blanket Mamaw made. 

West Virginia. I was a little bored and the kids were sleeping. So, I made this. :-)


Peaceful scenery. 
Beautiful drive. 
In awe of God's wonders.

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