Tuesday, June 25, 2013

You say you want a revolution...

We love history. 
I feel like Daniel and I are taking our boys on a wonderful field trip to learn about the Revolutionary War and subsequent historical period. So refreshing! 

Here's the highlights...

Elijah made breakfast.

We all enjoyed it. Then we traveled down the road to T. J.'s home.

Some pics from the outside and grounds. (No pics from the inside allowed) 

A lot of the house makes me think of happy memories at my Nana and Grand-daddy's house in Smith's Grove. Thick brick walls, cellars, exterior kitchens, etc... Elijah loved all of the inventions. My little scientist figured out the mechanics of the cannon ball clock before I did. 

Although, I thought it was interesting that they said Jefferson wasn't an inventor but a first adopter. They also had the kids predict what Thomas Jefferson's home might have looked like today! I loved that question. Elijah said he would have had computers and a kindle/nook. :-) 

Here are a few more pics. 

How about some fun? 

(Elijah "helps" Joe get a drink.)

Being president is hard. We are tired. More tomorrow. 


  1. Love being able to keep up with you guys!!!

  2. So love the adventure and the expressions on sweet faces!