Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Drop Off Day 2

Jonah did okay. He didn't cry a bit. He put his cast on and smiled. I think it was me that had a harder time leaving him today. Daniel literally pulled me out of the church saying we would be better walking around downtown than staring a Jonah while he refused to walk for his teachers. (He wanted to be carried and loved on, I think.) 

Daniel was right. We are having breakfast. And haven't stopped laughing. Take a look at the photo below and insert your own captions. 

Can you imagine the conversation that has surrounded this creamer? It's really scary at how little it takes to amuse us. Elijah has never so enjoyed his breakfast. 

So, we are just hanging around downtown while Joe is at camp. I'll update this post or add another after we pick him up.
He did well. They said he cried on and off until snack... I think he missed us. After snack they said he walked more today and sat independently. That made me laugh a little. We all know how well he can sit! But if he gets the opportunity he would rather sit on someone. :-) I have faith in time he will show them all he is capable of. 

He did feed himself independently (right handed) with a spoon today! They are going to text me the pic and I will post it later. 

We celebrated the better day with a movie, Man of Steel. 


  1. I agree, Daniel knew what he was talking about...

    Well, the creamer caption---is he spitting out his milk?

    Glad breakfast is great, I know Elijah loves a great breakfast.

  2. Thank you so very much for the update. I love the photos. Both boys look very happy. Love to all of you