Thursday, July 25, 2013

One more night

We only have one more night in this place. I'm surprised to say that I feel sad to leave. I miss all of you and our home... And choppy. But Jonah has grown so much. I have no doubt that he has grown more here than he would have without this camp. I hate for him to leave this experience. I hate to leave the families we've met with similar experiences. But there is always choice in any emotion. So rather than being bummed about leaving... I'm choosing to just be thankful for the wonderful blessing we've had this summer. 

Joe hanging out at the fire last night. 

On the way to camp.

Muppet show at home.

Taking in the view.


  1. I am so glad you all are coming home. It seems like you all have been gone a long time. What wonderful blessings have occurred! Now we are ready for you all to get home and everyone will be back together! Jonah is coming back a different boy!

  2. We will be here with open arms and ready to search out very best therapy available in the world for our big boy! Love to all of you, Mom