Friday, July 5, 2013

New York, New York.

Two trains and we made it to NYC!!! 

We came in at penn station and walked 20 blocks to central park. 
The boys saw times square. 

We walked right past our old hotel! 

And had Rays Pizza for dinner. 

We also stopped at the new Disney store along the way! Elijah got his prize there. It was a buzz light year costume for his build a bear. Joe didn't like anything at the Disney store.  Here's our pic in Central Park. Unfortunately my arms were only long enough to capture the tree behind us. One day we are gonna go back to the park and will take more pics then. 

I realize that could be any tree behind us but trust me... It's Central Park. :) 

Then we went to FAO! 

I have a good video of this but the blog won't let me post it. ;( I did put it up on Facebook for those that have it and ill email it to anyone else that wants to see it. 

Elijah may or may not have jumped in front of a long line of people for this one. 

Could you say no to that face? Needless to say he got the "good girl".

We window shopped on 5th Ave and stopped in St. Patrick's cathedral. It was under construction but still beautiful on the inside. We lit a candle and said a prayer. 

Then walked all the way back to penn station. (I have 6 blisters to prove it.) 

These last pictures pretty much sum up how we felt on the train ride home! It was a great day but we are looking forward to spending tomorrow in NJ. :-)

Oh, and I cannot forget! Elijah wanted the Keys to know we saw your raccoon in NYC.


  1. What a wonderful day!!!! You all needed some fun and adventure.
    That raccoon looks just like it!!! I love that smile on Joe's face. I am so glad you all said the prayer at the cathedral. What a wonderful day....PS it is still raining here!!!!

  2. Thank you for telling your story each day. The prayers in the cathedral remind me of the day Elijah was tired on the streets and we walked into Mass in the cathedral and we was quiet automatically. Love to you---so happy you had a great day in the city.

    Papaw is jealous of you eating Rays Pizza!! He can smell them right now. Love, mom