Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wise Old Owl

The kids were wise old owls today.  There was a lot of tears as children were dropped off.  They knew their parents were leaving them.  Jonah was no exception. Leaving him is hard.  It takes nearly everything I've got to leave the building.  BUT... when we pick him up the therapists show me pictures and videos of all of the wonderful things he is doing each day.  Today it was a video of him catching a balloon.  He was also the first person today to isolate his right index finger with finger painting and she didn't have to do "Hand Over Hand" with him as much. So, even though the drop off is worse, his day was actually much better.  The final piece of evidence that we have that he is working hard is the pink streak in his hair.  Yes that's right. Jonah now has a pink spot in his hair.  While finger painting with red he chose to wipe his right hand in his hair.  (A few washes and it'll be gone but it makes me happy to see it.  It's physical evidence that our boy is improving each day.)

I'll post pics in a little bit when I get back to my phone.

Love you all!

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  1. Love the news about his index finger! I think he want red hair for the fourth of July! He has white hair and blue eyes. So now he has it covered. I would love to see his pink/red streak. Apply hair products is an important skill!