Friday, July 12, 2013

Just being neighborly...

For those that don't know...  a couple of days ago our neighbor called and complained on us.  He said it sounded like we fell and dropped constantly.  Since then I have been fussing at the kids left and right to be quiet.  It was making me feel so stressed.  And you know what... I've decided that I've got a lot to be stressed about right now and I'm not going to let this be a stressor.  Here's my note to that neighbor.  (Of course, I'm not really going to send it.)  I just had to write it to feel better; so, I'll share it with you.

Dear person that lives below us:
I understand that it sometimes sounds like we are going to fall right through your ceiling and that's why you called to complain to the managers.   It must be annoying.  However, I have two boys. One that innately skips, hops, or jumps... never walks.  And another just learning to walk... falling stumbling and slamming his walker down constantly. We also use a ball multiple times a day for play and therapy.  It is also true that love to turn the record player and dance in the den. Again, I can only imagine what this sounds like from below.   It makes us think of home.  I understand this is less than ideal for you.  We are doing the best we can.  There is a glimmer of hope on the horizon for you, my friend.  The Bemiss family will be heading south in two weeks and you will be free of our noise.  - The family above you.

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