Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Crafting & Playing

Both boys had a great day. Jonah painted at school. (Apparently with yellow and blue judging by the color of his right ear.) He also told me "I play balloon." They said he talked a bit more today, which is great. He will work with the speech teacher tomorrow. He did cry a little at drop off and on the play course today. (It's hard for him to climb over the things and he is frustrated.) But he ended with singing and was happy at pick up time. 

He even took these pictures to show you his school without my knowing it. 

I know... There black. I think he had his fingers over the lens. 

Elijah worked very, very hard on his unfinished work today. He enjoyed his math and syllable worksheets but had a few tears over the George and Martha reading organizer. (Just kidding, no tears... Just not his favorite.) Elijah also helped me with some really world math tonight! We did some addition problems while figuring out the sale price. :)

He also had a little art class at an art studio we found here! He is going to finish the project tomorrow. 

We celebrated all if that hard work with some cake pops.

Love you all.

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