Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Leaving is never easy...

I couldn't write this last blog post. I had to wait until we were home. Intensive Therapeutics's Camp Helping Hands was an amazing experience for Jonah. I always feel so sad when we leave.  We are blessed that Joe attends the Big Red School which is wonderful.  We also have kind and talented therapist at home . . .  We just don't  have the opportunity to work with speech, OT, and PT every day for three hours.  We also don't have the chance for Jonah to learn along side them together in a group setting... Both with multiple therapist and other children (and families) facing the same challenges. (Pediatric Stroke & Hemiplegia) On one hand I always dread going. It is a long trip, we miss our family and friends, but more than that we must face everything. We have to think about difficult things everyday. I also know that when it's time to come home, I'm not going to want to leave. There is no place like it for Jonah. (For all of us.)  I know it's what's best for him and we are more than 800 miles away.  It's an awful feeling driving home. But then we do get home. We start back with therapy, doctor's visits, homework, holidays and life slowly returns to normal.  (whatever normal is . . . )

With all that said ... I am so thankful for the opportunity. I hope that someday other children with similar struggles will have the chance to do something like this in our area. I'm just at a loss for how to help start the process right now.  

Love you all. Thanks for your support. 

Here are a couple of photos from the last day. Daniel has more on his phone that I will add later. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this from your heart and soul. It is truly like a conversation that you would have with your best friend, sharing everything. I know that many will be blessed and probably your writing will touch another family who will gather strength and hope from your blog.