Thursday, November 7, 2013

School's back in session.

Both boys are working hard this morning! Terri just texted me this picture if Jonah. Cannot wait to hear about his day. There were no tears at drop off today!

 Elijah is working away on vocabulary in a cafe this morning. He also noticed solar panels and we had a pretty good discussion about alternative energy and the cultural differences between KY & NJ. It was a pretty interesting conversation.

I'll update again later. Love you all!

Elijah has finished his school work for the day & Joe has had a great day at therapy. They are going to send me more pictures later. We also had a great meeting with Scott. I really just cannot say enough how wonderful this place is. I wish we had it back home. It was rainy so I didn't get to take Jonah's picture in front of the building but here it is in the background.

We are headed back to the RMH to put up groceries, take a nap, and play. :-). (Oh, and I still have to finish up my book ...) 

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  1. The setting looks beautiful, love seeing all the photos. So happy no tears!