Saturday, November 9, 2013

New York!

I'll post more pics tomorrow. We had an amazing (but exhausting) day in NYC. It's the first time we'd ever gone that we felt like we knew what we were doing, where we were going, and how to do it. 

The boys had a great time. Jonah picked out a "house" AKA Mickey Mouse and Elijah LOVED skating at Rockefeller. He is so talented. We even had other adults comment to us about how good he was. Daniel and I didn't have skates... So he laced up and went out there all on his own! Can you believe it. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I saw him that happy. I wish we could take him again. 

Love you all. There are more adventures to tell and I will post them tomorrow!

P.S. I love NYC. 

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  1. Love all the pics! Keep em coming. Sounds like everything is going great.