Saturday, January 7, 2012

All I Do Is Win, Win, Win...

Ok. Well, technically that is not true. 
Because Elijah plays Upward Basketball and they are all victorious.
 We were proud of his first game none the less.

It all started out like this. 

 Parents & Grandparents Cheering, Jonah "Da-Da"-ing, Elijah's running through the cheerleaders.  Then, it went a little south.   Elijah was a bit overwhelmed. Mainly standing and watching the excitement of game around him. When he finally made eye contact with us we motioned for him to run down the court, go after the ball, put his hands up, run, anything that involved movement on the court would work for us. You could see a lightbulb went off. He took off after the ball at a break neck pace and into the crowd of children under the goal! "Yeahhhh!!" He's doing something, we all cheered. That joy lasted about 4.5 seconds. The ball and a couple of children landed on his face in an attempted a rebound. The game stopped and all the coaches came over to check on him. With the encouragement of his coach and a young teammate he braved the rest of the period with tears in his eyes. My tough boy even score a goal. At the end of the quarter he snubbed on me for a few minutes. I think his eye and his pride had suffered a blow. Elijah finished the game with his teammates. He won the Offense Star for coming back and scoring after an injury. (He's got a good coach!) The little teammate who encouraged Elijah to shake it off won the most Christ Like Star, I thought that was sweet.      So, all in all, I'd say it was a win. He learned to persevere and got a basket. Yeah,  it was a pretty fine game.  

It ended like this.  I got a bit caught up in the drama of it all and didn't get any "during" pictures. 

I do find it a bit ironic that he just spent a season playing hockey with kids twice his age and no injuries to report... And gets hurt at his first basketball game. I tried to convince him that next week he should play in his hockey helmet, but that plea fell in deaf ears. He seems to think the other kids would think he was batty.   Kids...

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