Monday, January 9, 2012

This Time, I Chose Teacher...

Well,  for a quick part 2 of last week's blog, "To Be Mommy or Teacher".  Tonight, I chose teacher.  

Really, it was an easy choice.  I grabbed the ring out of the ziplock bag and staring up at me was "bl".  How exciting! This was his first night with a blend, "bl".  We celebrated that he was learning new reading strategies.  We made blender sounds with our lips while doing a blender dance.  We said as many words as we could think of that started with "bl".   Black, Blue, Blender... All the while his face a little apprehensive at new learning.    
"Mama, I kind of feel like I should tell you something."   
"What is it Tougie (Elijah)?"
"I think that is not a blend."
I proceeded to tell him that it was, in fact, a blend... and continued rattling on and on about blends and how that pattern helps you in reading.  Periodically making the blender sound.  
"But Mama, I'm pretty sure that's my number ring.  Not my word ring."

Hum... Any ideas on how to celebrate the NUMBER "19" ?    I must say this is twice in a week that studying word/number rings has turned into uncontrollable fits of laughter.  

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