Saturday, January 28, 2012

RE-purposed Suitcase for my RE-pet!

What do you get when you add....

1 Old Pillow + 1 Old Pillow Case


1 Vintage Suitcase?  

A new bed for MOLLEY CHOPS!  :)

Molley's our RE-pet from the Warren County Humane Society  living in her forever home since 2003. She's always a little anxious about new things and was very unsure about her new bed.  Since I took these photos she has been sleeping in it all night long!  (I'll post some updated pics soon; so you can see her not looking so worried.)

Elijah loved it form the beginning.  In this pic he is insisting it is a bed built for two.  

HERE is where I found the idea.  They even put legs on their suitcase but I'm not that handy.  :)  

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